Thursday, March 10, 2011

New & Two!

We welcomed Edison into the world December 7th

Two weeks later my Livvy Lou turned two!

Now there is two!


  1. I'm so glad Amy told me you posted....your kids are adorable. That is one cute baby boy- I've been dying to see a picture. Hope you're doing well. I hear you're hibernating until Spring- I don't blame you - I'd do the same thing....but I know that makes for long days. See you soon!

  2. he is such a gorgeous baby! you have such cute kids! we miss you guys around here! crazy few weeks! hope your doing good despite everything! we love lil edison!

  3. I'm so glad you left me that comment bc I'd forgotten that story! I was dying laughing! I DO remember Hudson running down the court and taking the time to turn Luke around bc he was heading the wrong direction! :). I still laugh the whole time my boys play sports....especially Owen - oh my! Let's get together sometime! Miss ya!