Sunday, November 15, 2009

Head banging... not a disorder

The other night I found Alivia sitting with her back against the wall, banging her head against it. I worried something might be wrong with her and quickly referenced my "what to expect the first year" book. When I looked up headbanging in the index I became more worried that there was actually a section on head banging. The title was actually "Head Banging' Rocking, and Rolling" I came to find out that Alivia might be trying to create rhythm. (a rocking or rolling infant may be trying to rock themselves or cope with teething pain but the "head banging" is a need to groove!) This made sense seeing that she grooves out to any beat she hears (IE. the washing machine, me beating eggs, windshield wipers etc.) I was relieved to read that head banging is not associated with neurological or psychological disorders. Some suggestions to help a baby give up this habit (aka problem!) were to sing to baby (already doing this) dance to music with baby (doing this) and to supply them with some musical toy instruments or pots and spoons. When I relayed what I had read to Sam that night he came home with an array of new instruments for Aliva to BANG!
She could not have been more excited to get her hands on her drum sticks... no problems with banging heads against walls since!
Play on little one play on!
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Bee" utiful Bumble Bee

Alivia the Bumble Bee

"Bee" cause you are sweet as honey and busy as a bee and...

for all the things you may "Bee" come!

Alivia may you-

"Bee" Happy
"Bee" Loving
"Bee" Honest
"Bee" Gracious
"Bee" Kind
"Bee" a Doctor
(or whatever you want to "Bee"!)